This is Frame-Tek…


Revolutionising Façade support framing is our mission.
A quality fast, efficient and clean, designed support structure is the result of working collaboratively together to the end.  
Frame-Tek is not a standard stud and track or steel wall and roof framing company. We work with your team to design, engineer and supply a façade solution that works for your project. 
We believe in pre-fabrication as the progressive way forward and it takes an experienced design team and, it takes face-to-face meetings, and technical discussions to receive solid results. And that is Frame-Tek. 
Most important of all. We believe in the power of the team.


Joe Gibbs – Roberts Co.

“We engaged Frame-Tek for the design and supply of our low-level roof structures at the recent Concord Hospital project. The flexibility and agility in Frame-Tek’s design when it came to meeting the challenges we had along the way, was second to none. They were always willing and able to assist.

The flexibility to have prefabricated units delivered as required was a key benefit as the site was very constrained. It also meant the number of workers and hours spent on high risk roof works was mitigated which led to program efficiency.

This flexible design and supply approach meant we were able to achieve our specific requirements all within the Frame-Tek system, leading to a fast and quality install by the roofing contractor.

It was a great experience all the way, from the team’s approach to design, right through to a quality product being delivered on time and in full. We will definitely be using Frame-Tek on the next project!”