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“Hansen Yuncken and Frame-Tek have worked together over the last five years on multiple projects. Our respective organisations have developed a partnering approach during this time which has resulted in hugely successful building fabric and facade design and delivery outcomes. Frame-Tek’s collaborative approach and ability to deliver value for money outcomes through smart façade engineering, sees our business continuing to seek out their service.

A progressive attitude towards early design engagement, and the ability to work in with design Consultant and Sub-contractor teams delivers technical and commercial certainty which cannot be understated.

Frame-Tek offer multiple design solutions which can be tailored to the specifics of a project. These systems, in many cases, allow the building façade and fabric framework to be de-coupled from the building structure from a program perspective. This allows critical path activities to commence earlier within the delivery phase which in turn accommodates a weathertight building earlier within the program.

Overall, Frame-Tek’s approach to the way they do business combined with innovative design and buildable solutions is what sets them apart from their competition and is the reason we view them as a leader in their field.”