Does Frame-Tek supply Wall frame and Roof Trusses?

We do not offer residential type framing, Frame-Tek offers customised framing for the commercial construction market, typically façade frame, blades, fins and feature framing.
However, we do have an on-slab roof truss system (Calibre Series) and we can manufacture roof trusses to suit applications where a residential type truss might not be able to handle certain spans or other structural requirements.

Does Frame-Tek install?

We do not install; however, we work closely with any installer. We have proven the best way for Frame-Tek to bring value to projects is to engage with the project team as early as possible, budget, cost planning or tender stage, the benefits we offer goes beyond the scope of the framing itself, often allowing for efficiencies to be realised with site handling, scaffolding, installation time.

What does Frame-Tek provide in the way of Engineering?

We provide design certification (Form 15 in QLD) for all our framing systems. Certification is completed by contracting certified engineers that specialise in cold roll formed steel design.

Design… you mentioned design, what does Frame-Tek offer?

We engage directly with the principle contractor to understand the project specific criteria (site access, Scaffold, façade Specifications, etc) based on the outcomes from our discussion, our design team can align with requirements of your project by jumping onboard with your team.

What makes us designers and suppliers of light gauge structural steel?

We work in the space between where light steel framing stops and structural steel finishes. Typically, light steel framers stop at 1.2mm gauge, which is where we start. We start at 1.2mm and go through to 2.4mm in thickness*. This means we can engineer many things in our system that typically would have been design in heavy structural steel, saving you money!

Do you do the same thing as Stud and track suppliers?

We don’t consider ourselves like stud and track suppliers is any way. We design and prefabricate light gauge steel frames. Stud and track suppliers are more internal focused; they work in much thinner gauge material.

How can we help when our project is Precast Paneling?

We can design and supply framing for:

· Architectural cladding features (boxes, fins, blades etc)

· Fascia and parapet support

· Infill areas between precast where cladding needs support framing.

Do you basically do Stud Framing?

No, we don’t do standard stud framing. We work in a much higher tensile and heavier gal coating.

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