Frame-Tek Solutions.

Accent – Feature Framing


Frame-Tek designs and supplies framing to support varying cladding types to form the architectural features and expressions that make buildings unique.

Our design team not only design cost effective bespoke framing solutions for these areas but also coordinate structural design of fixings and bracketry back to the primary structure.

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Calibre – Roof Trusses


Frame-Tek has mastered a cost effective and fast to install design to achieve low level roof support framing.

This design eliminates the need for heavy structural steel and is easy to install for roofing contractors, hence eliminating a trade and excess administration on your project.

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Endura – Fascia Trusses


Frame-Tek have been designing and supplying quality and accurate parallel chord fascia trusses to the industry since our very beginnings in 1997.

Our designs are flexible and far reaching as we roll our own custom sections, resulting in the removal of heavy and cumbersome structural steel trusses.

Service Station canopies are our speciality!

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Optim – Spandrel and Infill


Our very own smart and fast off slab façade framing. It is offered with the option of a pre fixed rain screen, and proves very popular on Hospitals, Universities and any other project that has a large floor to floor height, and where the builder wants to close the building up in record time to allow internal services trades to commence.

It comes along with our unique team playing experience that digs deep into the design coordination of all the interfaces of varying cladding types, window support and all necessary facade loading.

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Zenith – Slab to slab type framing.


A smart prefabricated option to slab to slab framing built on site. With our range of Gauges and sizes we are able to design framing to suit large floor to floor measurements, large window openings, feature frame support and much more.

All this wrapped up with our offerings of pre fixed rainscreen, and our very own team playing experience to assist through design, it proves very popular with builders and contractors alike.

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