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Bespoke Framing

  • From concept to completion, let our experience become your advantage.
  • Design – A quality facade is just the beginning. We engage with your team to ensure all elements of the facade are taken care of.
  • Engineering – Frame-Tek ensures that the facade design incorporates adequacy for all related trades. For example: sunshade, louvre glazing, and cladding support; the list goes on…
  • Frame-Tek also engages in conversation with the core structure trades, eliminating time consuming elements for these trades also.
  • Drafting and Drawing Development – Documentation plays a key role in a successful project. Frame-Tek focuses on detailed design development to ensure the best possible construction methodology is applied.
  • Production – Our team is experienced in staged and priority segmented projects to ensure construction speed is optimized and to ensure the site is kept up.
  • Frame-Tek Project Closure Team – We provide all that is necessary to ensure a totally finished framing system, to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. In addition, Site Inspection Reports ensure that projects are meeting requirements.

Take a look at AIR APARTMENTS – A Bespoke Framing Winner


Modular Design Framing

  • Modular Design Framing provides every principle Contract peace of mind, to know that the design and construction element for secondary framing shown in the project files, now lies in safe hands.
  • Frame-Tek utilizes custom section gauges and depths to ensure your project design is completed on budget as per documentation and achieves full design criteria requirements.
  • Frame-Tek has the capacity to provide full frame set out drawings and fixing details to allow following trades to cross check.



Structural Framing

  • Frame-Tek provides quality engineered solutions for structural framing.
  • Why struggle with difficult framing designs when we have a solutions to take the pain away.
  • Frame-Tek will provide both frame certification and fixing requirements.




We’re keen to be a part of your team.