Optim, Endura and Accent Series.

194 Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead QLD 4006

Who we teamed up with:

A-Clad and John Holland Group.

Our Value Proposition:

Australia’s first Mercedes-Benz Autohaus Centre located on the old breakfast creek wharf site in Newstead. This new site houses an automotive descaling a care centre, an automotive museum, staff training centre, various shops and cafes, rooftop restaurant, dining and function area as well as a garden pavillion. 

Frame-Tek designed, engineered and supplied:

  • Spandrel frames to support strip windows.
  • Cantilevered wall framing to creature feature blades. 
  • Fascia Truss to create parapet
  • Prefabricated fascia profile awnings. 
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People we Team up with.