Optim Series.

60 Uralba St, Lismore NSW 2480

Who we teamed up with:

John Holland Group and SkyPanel

Project overview:

Lismore Base Hospital is a regional referral, level 5 base hospital within the Northern New South Wales Health District

John Holland Group contracted Frame-Tek during the first stage of design once construction had commenced, as their initial design was proving impossible to construct efficiently and accurately. Our design team combined design, engineering and experience to deliver an off-slab framing design which resolved all constructability issues. This in turn allowed for rapid delivery of the frames as well as a fast install.

Frame-Tek Framing was not only used to ensure ease of install, but also to ensure adequate support for long window openings and provide the depth in the Façade to meet the architectural intent.

Frame-Tek also provided structural brackets. They were designed to accommodate building tolerance, while providing full structural support. And once again, designed with ease of install front of mind.

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